Box Topped - A terrific multi-phase card on box routine that ends with the spectator's signed, folded card inside the box. If you've ever wanted to perform a "card under glass" type of routine, but were afraid to try, this might be your ticket to super-herodom!

Triumph 2000 - Here's a Triumph routine that's whistle-clean. Cards are mixed face up and face down. They're shown unmistakably one by one; yet with a snap of your fingers, all is once again right with the world. Where else can you save the day with just a pack of cards.

Smokin' - Thom's complete card in cigarette case routine. There's a magical animation of a cigarette. A card is torn and restored. There's fire. There's danger. There's excitement! It's everything you would want in a fun evening out.

Kapow - This is the perfect opener for strolling magic. It's a fast and visual transformation of a regular sized coin into a jumbo coin. It's almost over before it starts, which is the perfect cue to the audience that you're a wonder-boy (or girl) to be reckoned with!

Canadian Exchange - Thom's handling of the $100 bill switch which is open, uses no "thumb thing," and leaves you completely clean in a logical way. This is the $100 bill switch to use.

Psycho - A card is selected by a spectator, shuffled into the deck by the spectator, and found BY THE SPECTATOR! You've heard all of this before, but wait... Come back. This one actually looks as good as it sounds. P.S. This has been Thom's pet "magican-fooler" for years.

Chapie - A great impromptu looking routine that takes only a minute to make up. A selected card winds up in a Chapstick container in a very funny way. Perfect for strolling or for those moments when you're asked to "do something."

The Known - Don't you just love card effects where the spectator does ALL the work? No, really! You never touch the deck. Yet you somehow know in advance exactly the card that the audience member will choose. This is one of the most clean and open card routines you'll ever see. Beware of dropping jaws.

Simply 3 - An in-the-hands 3-Card Monte that re-sets immediately, uses regular cards and has a killer ending. This is the 3-Card Monte you'll actually use. Metropolis will never be the same again!

Thomato - A real cherry tomato is smashed flat between your hands, and ends up with a facial expression almost as surprising as your audience's. Very weird.

Ink, Inc. - A complete deck of custom, hand drawn playing cards visually prints right in front of your spectator's unbelieving eyes. You'll never slip these into a poker game. Your audience will think you have mini ink-jets in your finger tips!

George of the Jumble - A torn and restored mismade-ish bill (with the torn edges restored on the outside), that will leave your spectator with a souvenir that would have The Riddler scratching his head.

Don's Card Stab - A multi phase routine that gets more and more impossible with every phase, ending in the spectator stabbing their card in the most open, fair and clean manner imaginable. Imagine THIS in your close-up show!